ABOUT ConnTrol International Inc.

Learn More about ConnTrol, International Inc. through our History, Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Value Statement.

ConnTrol History (1985-Present)

ConnTrol International, Inc. was established in 1985 with only a handful of employees, adding our part to the American Dream. Like so many other American businesses, we had our start in a small residential garage. In the Quiet Corner of Woodstock, Connecticut, our room’s heater also served as a potato cooker. The shipping area was no more than a small shoulder-height window on the side of the garage. When shipments were large, we would wave down freight trucks that were in between deliveries. Since then we have seen our share of changes, but our drive to create value for our customers has never left us. We are eager to meet the challenges in the years ahead, and we hope you will consider joining us. Please look through our product line and give us a call. If you have a problem that needs a hands-free solution, ConnTrol is ready to help.

ConnTrol Mission Statement

To create “hands-free” solutions that empower customers to overcome unique problems.

ConnTrol Vision Statement

We strive to be globally recognized as a source for reliable products and tailored solutions. Whatever your application, ConnTrol has a pedal.

ConnTrol Value Statement

We exist to create value, whether in the form of our quality foot pedals or in the form of our attentive customer service. We are committed to removing any process that does not add value to our customers.

We place great importance on process among our ranks. Should issues arise from production quality or personality conflicts between employees, we believe that addressing these issues at a process level helps to galvanize employees

We strive to foster an environment of open communication and collaboration among all employees and departments. Provided that we preserve or add value for our customers, employees are encouraged to work together cross-departmentally.

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