Series 893 – Speed Control Foot Switch


Steel Housing With Die Cast Zinc Cover

Speed control trigger switch rating: 6 AMP, 1/4 HP, 125 VAC

The Series 893 features quality parts and is designed to maximize benefits while achieving lower unit price and long life.

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Ideal for line winding, fishing reels, and most motor speed control applications.


  1. Solid steel housing with die cast zinc cover
  2. Skid-resistant elastomeric base pads
  3. High strength socket head hinge screws
  4. Threaded openings in the steel housing are extruded to provide extra thread engagement
  5. Four mounting holes located 2.88” on center side to side and 1.28” on center front to rear
  6. Capable of handling up to 12/3 cable or 9/16″ max O.D. cable
  7. #8 grounding screw is provided
  8. High quality, black E-coat


Item #List PriceActionDescriptionCord SetSwitch RatingDimensionsWeight
893-7800-00$37.98MomentarySingle SwitchNone6 AMP, 1/4 HP, 125 VAC3-1/2"W, 4-3/4"L, 1-3/4"H2 lbs.
893-7840-00$50.14MomentarySingle Switch with series plug cord set6’ 18/3 SJT with series plug6 AMP, 1/4 HP, 125VAC3-1/2"W, 4-3/4"L, 1-3/4"H4 lbs.
893-7860-00$49.12MomentarySingle Switch with cord set and stripped leads6' 18/3 SJT with stripped leads6 AMP, 1/4 HP, 125VAC3-1/2"W, 4-3/4"L, 1-3/4"H3 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Item #

893-7800-00, 893-7840-00, 893-7860-00

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