The Series 892:

Not Just “Good Enough”

“If you expect, expect something that is close to reality.”
- Anonymous Wise words.

Leaving a message in my brother’s voicemail is like tying a note to the leg of a dead carrier pigeon and expecting it to get there. Yet against logic, against the plethora of previous voicemails left to rot in a forgotten wasteland, I still leave messages. Mainly to prove that I did call, so I can justly pin a badge of guilt to his chest. Except with this particular brother, guilt doesn’t stick but floats silently to the ground, where all expectations go to die. It is one of the reasons why I admire him so much. His imperviousness to guilt is awe-inspiring. Maybe one day, I, too, won’t care.

My three brothers and I grew up in the late seventies and early eighties when winners and losers were declared, and everyone was fine. Imagine!

We never felt pressured in school to be the best at anything, but at least avoid being the worst. Repulsed by high expectations, the soft middle was where we thrived, the heavily populated throng of “good enough.” A happy place for late bloomers to float along like flotsam until the fog of our daydreams clear and we become actual contributing citizens.

Excellence takes time, and you can’t rush awesome. If you want a traditional foot-switch that has earned its stripes, try the Series 892. It provides momentary action with a solid design that holds true, even in a sea of guilt. Its excellence is the reality to be expected.

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