The Series 600 Foot Control:

Embrace the Adventure

Lewis and Clark Expedition featuring Sacagawea

Little did I know my mother’s uncanny ability to get lost just about anywhere was hereditary. She and I have absolutely zero sense of direction. I have memories of Mom and I trapped on the Mass Pike, unaware of how we got on that hellish merry-go-round in the first place, laughing ourselves silly. We knew we were no match for the labyrinth of the Massachusetts’s highway system.

Inevitably, we would be spit out onto some lesser highway like a pinball down a black hole to who-knows-where, frantically asking multiple gas station attendants how to find Connecticut. The upside was it was always an adventure, like a ride at Six Flags...

“Oh, I haven’t been to Mystic Seaport in years!” my mom would exclaim in pure surprise, oblivious that she was the one behind the wheel.

Fierce optimism also runs strong in my mother’s lineage. I have my own technique for actually arriving somewhere. I tend to circle locations, like a buzzard eying a carcass. I’ll land, eventually, after about a hundred right turns. And pity the poor helpful citizen offering me compass directions, for they would be met with two blank owl eyes of incomprehension. I am no Sacajawea. Don’t befuddle me with maps and words like “north”.

This is why I like the Series 600: It’s wide targeted design fit for greater operator comfort and improved productivity. Some of us need wider targets. Just accept it. And embrace the adventure.

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